Hey! Long time, no see…!

18-SAM_3131Okay, so that’s entirely my fault! I’m sorry 🙂

There’s been so many exciting things happening here, with both The Fabric Forge and PostTea, and the most infuriating thing is that I can’t share most of them yet. It’ll all be worth the wait when I can, trust me there. But here are a couple of links to keep you happy for now!

The lovely Kim from Dream On wrote about the Start Up Richmond Pitch competition on the blog she writes, here, for the Metro. It’s a great recap of the morning, and I’m hoping to get an interview done with her this week about PostTea and what’s happened since then!

Start Up Richmond  and CPG Executive Consulting also made a video montage of the event and posted it to Youtube. I’m SO glad they didn’t use the video interview they did with me, only used the audio. If you fancy having a look, here you go!

In other news, I’ve got a cold and am struggling to maintain what feels like four jobs and a life! But the past few weeks have been a massive learning curve, and I really can’t wait to share more. I have a few thoughts to share in another post about certain things I’ve learnt but you’ll have to wait for now!

Thanks 🙂 Kim xx


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