PostTea Pops Up

After an incredibly busy week last week at Pulse, Caffe Culture, Spirit of Summer and taking part in a Tea Masterclass with Jane Pettigrew and Tim Clifton at the Chesterfield Hotel, this week the admin side of PostTea has been kicked into overdrive. Unfortunately it doesn’t make for many interesting posts or photos so I’ve been a little quiet on here and on Facebook and Twitter, but I can now share a little bit of exciting information!

About six weeks ago, we submitted an application to be in with a chance to be tenants in a new Pop Up Shop that is opening in Camberley next week. We heard this week that our application was successfully, and PostTea will be one of only 18 British businesses invited to take part in this new Pop Up Shop!

The driving force between the pop up shop movement is Pop Up Britain, an initiative created to give new British brands a rare opportunity to get their products onto the British High Street. I had the pleasure of visiting their flagship shop in Richmond in October last year and hear first hand how the experience had benefited the tenants I met, and it had always been an idea in my mind for The Fabric Forge. Now, Pop Up Britain has moved their flagship store to King’s Road, London and also opened additional shops in London Victoria, Moreton-in-Marsh, and now Camberley. All the pop up shops are known as Britain’s most promising small enterprises, and whilst they already trade online, there is no way that any of the businesses have the financial clout to take on retail premises single handedly. Pop Up Britain gives small retailers the opportunity to operate in a co-funded and co-staffed space for brands to experiment with physical retail, test the market and gain face-to-face customer feedback.

Pop Up Britain is the retail arm of Start Up Britain, which in turn is the ‘mother ship’ for Start Up Richmond, who organised the competition PostTea won in February. I absolutely love the support of Start Up Richmond, Pop Up Britain, and Enterprise Nation. Emma Jones is an absolutely phenomenal person, and if I ever meet her in person again, she’s gonna get one big hug! If you’re a small business owner or aspiring owner then I can’t recommend her Start Up Saturday courses enough. Find information on them here!

The shop in Camberley can be found in The Mall in Camberley Town Centre – The Mall is the first shopping centre in the country to offer a space to a pop up shop, and it will only be open for six weeks. Each group of six tenants operates the shop for a two week period – PostTea will be occupying the final two week slot, 3rd – 16th July. We’re open for trading from 4th July!Camberley Mall

WOWWEE! – How exciting is this for us? And it coincides perfectly our official launch celebrations (more details on them to follow soon!) We’d really appreciate it if you wanted to visit us, and if you can’t, please please spread the word about our crowdfunding campaign, (link to follow) and the Camberley Pop Up shop in general.



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