PostTea Crowdfunder Project Expansion

SONY DSCThe past two weeks have been absolutely incredible. The amount of support I’ve received for PostTea on Crowdfunder has been amazing – we’re 110% funded and really looking forward to our Pop Up Camberley adventure!

The beauty of Crowdfunder is that the ability to fundraise is almost limitless. Just because we’ve reached 110% doesn’t mean we stop fundraising – it just means we can move the goalposts and aim even higher! With the money secured to fund the Pop Up Shop, I can look to expand PostTea even further, and I’ve added to two new stages to my Crowdfunder journey.

1)   £750 total raised – the extra £250 would be spent on developing a PostTea subscription service. Love Tea? Then have it delivered to your home or office once a week or month; explore our loose leaf and bagged tea ranges in the comfort of your own home.  Whilst I already have a lot of the stock needed to enable this, I would need to source new packaging streamline my postage and packaging processes.

2)   £1000 total raised – If I managed to reach this I’d be ecstatic. I’d also like PostTea to operate as a fully mobile unit; I’d like to be able to bring PostTea to you at home in two formats. The first, a tea tasting journey around the tea growing nations, sampling the finest teas, and learning more about how tea is grown and made. The second, a tea blending experience – learn to make your own signature tea blend, using the finest ingredients and learning all about tea along the way!

As ever, the support that I and PostTea receives is incredible. There is a lovely buzz on our social network pages right now, and we’ve even been supported by Zac Goldsmith, MP for Richmond and North Kingston, and Piers Linney, one of the dragons from BBC Dragon’s Den. Isn’t that incredible?!

But the most amazing thing is support from friends, family and strangers. It is humbling that people are willing to put their belief in me to achieve something amazing! So THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! Please keep supporting by retweeting our tweets and sharing our Facebook posts, tell all your friends and family, and look our for our website, that will (I promise!) be launching in the next couple of days!!


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