PostTea Pop Up Update

pop up outside!I’ve been feeling a little bit guilty about neglecting this blog – I’ve not posted for 10 days, but it just goes to show how busy I am here! However, it’s definitely time for a little update on what’s going on, and show you a few photos!

Two weeks ago I trekked over to Camberley to see the Pop Up shop on it’s first day of trading, with it’s first group of tenants. Having previously been to Pop Up Richmond almost a year ago it’s incredible to see how Pop Up Britain have developed the shop concept, and how they make six different brands work cohesively with each other. The shop is also in a great location, so I’m hoping it’s going to be amazing in just two weeks when I’m there! (eeek!)

972285_398811590233380_507023170_n popup

There was a great variety of businesses in there, from ladies clothes, baby clothes, jewellery, homewares and sweets! You can read all about Pop Up Britain’s 1st Camberley tenants here, and see some more photos on their facebook page here.

So in two short weeks I’ll be there with PostTea and I’m manically printing and packing mugs, weighing out tea, devising witty tea-related greetings cards – the list is huge! Plus the website is yet to be completed, although it’s a lovely day so I’m going to head out this afternoon to finish the photography, which will mean that the website can launch. I’d love to say it’ll be live tonight, but I don’t want to promise!!

The crowdfunder campaign is still in full force – 6 days to go! I’m so pleased that it’s now 165% funded – but I’ll admit, I’d love to get it to 200%. I’m sure it’s doable! Why not pop over and have a look? 

On an aside, I took the weekend off this weekend and headed home to see family. My sister is getting married just before the pop up shop opens so in amongst all of the PostTea bits and bobs I’ll be partying too. She’s marrying a childhood friend so although there throwing quite a large wedding it really will feel like a family affair, and I cannot wait! It’s important to remember to let your hair down and have a good time, to see friends, to see family and just relax, especially if you work from home running your own business. Last Sunday I stayed in bed until lunchtime with my sisters and the new dog – I haven’t not got up for such a long time, and the whole weekend was exactly what I needed just to relax a little. Of course now I feel mega guilty about loosing two days of prep time, but all I can do about that is make sure I’m working at maximum efficiency now!

The next few weeks are promising to be pretty hectic but completely and utterly amazing too! I’m so grateful to everyone who is sharing in this journey with me, and I can’t wait to show you all the shop, and the website, and the developments for PostTea.


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