Etsy Finds 12/7

Screen Shot 2013-07-12 at 10.31.37I mentioned on Facebook earlier that I was feeling inspired by the above bracelets from La Mauvaise Graine, a french company I’d found on Etsy. I just love the colour combination and the style of the bracelet. Nowadays I don’t have time to search around on Etsy, but I deliberatly found the time today for a little rummage through some of my favourite pieces on Etsy.

At the moment I seem to be searching in two categories quite a lot. The first is homewares. I want a new flat, or a workspace, or somewhere where I don’t feel completely at ransom to the business, and can decorate in any way I want. I know it’s a loooong way off at the moment, but hey, a girl can dream!

Etsy Collage 1 1207Here are a few of the bits taking my fancy at the moment! I really do seem to be stuck in an orange/teal/gold colour scheme (in fact, I even bough a teal top and off gold shoes earlier!) but I just find it both cheery and calming at the same time. I’m always on the lookout for anything in the right shade of PostTea orangey-coral, so I’m really drawn to orange right now.

  1. Top Left: Hand Printed Linen Lampshade in Mint by ClothandINK
  2. Top Right: Orange Hand Dyed Ombre Cushion Cover by JureamBox (UK seller)
  3. Bottom Left: Scion Fabric Cushion Cover by Charles and Oliver (UK seller)
  4. Bottom Right: Chic Boho Stretch Bracelet by The Bad Cat Beadery.


The second set of items of lust are all plain silver items. I’m really not a ‘bling’ kind of girl, I just love plain simple silver (or white gold!) jewellery with simple colours, and I’ve decided that when I’ve started to take a salary from PostTea I’m gonna be treating myself to some stylish but classic pieces of jewellery. I have so much costume jewellery but nothing that holds any value, sentimentally or otherwise, and it’s time this changed! I have a couple of lovely necklaces and a gorgeous watch, but definitely need earrings!! Here’s a few of my faves:

Silver Jewellery 127


  • Large Left: Astrocyte Neuron Necklace from Newton and the Apple, formally Owlish Grey. All of Newton’s pieces are so carefully thought out, and whilst I’m not a mum, or remotely clued up on neuroscience, I love the meaning behind this necklace, and it’s complexity in simplicity! (UK Seller)
  • Top Right: Light Blue Stud Earrings from Nellin Shoppi
  • Middle Right: Mint Green and Silver Post Earrings from Quercus Silver. These are just so simple yet so effective – on the want list!
  • Bottom Right: Tiny Triangles Earrings from Carrie Garrett. Just LOVE these!

Which is your favourite item from above? I think if I had to choose just one to own, it would be the lampshade! I love it’s simplicity, yet cheeky handdrawn quality. And of course the mint teal colour!

Why not sure a favourite Etsy piece with me, and I’ll make a collaborative post?

Can’t wait to tell you all about my Pop Up adventure in Camberely. There are pictures to share too, but I just have to get through the last manic weekend, and then I can share when I have a little more time!

Kim xx




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