Iced, Iced, Baby! – the best way to enjoy your tea in a heatwave!

lemon and mintWhenever it gets hot there’s always a debate about whether tea really does keep you cool in the warm weather. Here at PostTea Towers we think it does, but our customers are not always so easily persuaded. You might think we’re a little bit mad to have our first full month of trading during a heatwave, but we’re doing pretty well, and especially because of our iced teas!!

Most loose leaf teas will make great iced teas, especially those that are of  a high quality. Some don’t even need anything added to them, and they’re a damn sight better for you than the sugary bottled options you buy from any high street coffee shops or supermarkets. I’ve already written about our Blackcurrant Burst Iced Tea, but I thought I’d write up another of our lovely Iced Tea recipes!

Lemon and Mint Spritzer:

  • Peppermint Loose Leaf Infusion
  • 1/2 fresh lemon, sliced
  • Soda, or sparkling water
  • Ice
  • Honey or Sugar to sweeten.

In a teapot, brew four teaspoons of peppermint infusion, and  two or  three lemon slices in half the normal amount of water for 3 minutes. When the tea is brewed leave to chill for 15 minutes (you can also put it in the fridge, but the tea will get cloudy if it’s cooled too quickly). Half fill a jug with ice and sparkling water, then add the cooled tea mix. Top up with soda water. Add the sugar or honey if you need it a little sweeter. Garnish with a couple of lemon slices and some mint sprigs.

You can buy lovely Peppermint Infusion here!


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