Work/Work Balance, or Lack Thereof.

The past ten days have been a little different me…I took some time off and rested, and boy was it needed! I’d started to feel a little jaded, depressed and down right gloomy about my lot and it was about time I took a step back and just released control for a little while.

For those who don’t know, as well as running PostTea I also work three days a week as an Events Manager, and September had been a particularly taxing month. Whilst it would seem that I have a great work/work balance (between paid work and PostTea) I feel constantly unbalanced and out of control of both worlds. I don’t feel dedicated to either properly, and that sits quite uncomfortably for me. Making decisions about PostTea and what I can commit to that world is so tricky, and so I make no decisions at all, and then despair about nothing changing, PostTea not growing as it should, and being unsatisfied at work.

My other half and I both needed a break, and so we spent a week on a beach in Turkey, indeed the most energetic thing we did was hit the spa for a Turkish Bath treatment. As is always the case, it took us a couple of days to slow down the pace, calm down and stop fretting about all the things we’d left unattended at home and at work. We returned on Tuesday, and I had every intention of getting up Wednesday and Making Things Happen. Of course, post holiday blues sunk in quite quickly, and yesterday was a write off. Spending a week in harmony, relaxing and not stressing only emphasises the deficiencies and imbalances in your life when you return; only then can you feel the difference between a pace of life that is unsustainable and unhealthy.

Deficiencies and imbalances sounds pretty bad; unsustainable and unhealthy sounds even worse. Life should be for living and not enduring.

So what’s the answer? Well, one answer is to put PostTea in a box, focus on earning enough money to life, and enjoy and thrive, and then bring PostTea back out and reassess it in a new, more positive life. However there’s a big voice inside my shouting NO! I know that PostTea can provide me with the lifestyle that I want to live, plus I’m not one to give up just because the going gets tough.

So for now I need to find balance in what I do, how I work, and how I live. How do other people do it? What’s the key to successful balance? What do you suggest?


2 responses to “Work/Work Balance, or Lack Thereof.

  1. Hi Kim,

    I have to say that I know exactly what you are talking about! Juggling with the job that makes you money (but which you don’t really like) and the start up business which you love, but which takes lots of hard work for little return in the beginning, that’s really difficult!

    Paul and I both work (he works fulltime and I work part-time) as well as doing Dream On, and there are times when I wonder if it’s worth it!

    I have to say that PostTea is such a great idea and a great company, and you’ve come SO far with it since Jan, that I feel it will get to where you want it to be, but the question, I guess, is when…

    I’m glad that you had a break – yay! Paul and I are just about to do the same and I look forward to coming back to a new perspective too.


    • Hi Kim,

      Thanks for your thoughtful message – I have to say since I wrote the post I’ve received such love and support, and it’s been truly wonderful. You’re right, working out the balance is so tricky. I’m still not sure what path PostTea and me will take, but you’re right – the passion for PostTea is still there and I’m certainly not giving up, I just need to think smarter, and plan harder to get where I want to be! I really hope your break will be as restful as mine was (if you can, turn off all emails/phones/facebook – it will certainly aid the stress release), and just simply enjoy being you, and being together, so you can come back with new perspective, and renewed passion for Dream On!

      Kim x

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